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TDI: The Demand Remains Weak and Actual Transaction Focuses More on Negotiation
Source:化工易化工网               Date:2021.11.17

The performance of the domestic TDI market was weak last week. As of last Friday, the offer of domestically-made goods in East China with tickets was quoted at RMB 14,000-14,300 per ton, down 500 from the previous month.

The TDI market in East China is operating weakly. The market price range is rising, the spot is tight, and the factory offers are stable, and the industry tends to be cautious and wait-and-see;

The TDI market atmosphere in South China is flat. The spot supply in the market is tight, and the market as a whole is rising, but the downstream is resistant to high prices, coupled with the flat terminal demand, the actual market volume is limited;

TDI cities in North China are operating weakly. On-site inventory is tight, market prices are relatively strong, and the downstream market is not buying sentiment. Purchasing on demand is the main focus.

Last week, the domestic TDI market was weak and fell.

The upstream raw material market operated within a narrow range and weakened. Due to the impact of rising coal and natural gas, the price of electricity has been raised compared to the past, and the cost side has a certain degree of support. Insufficient demand in the terminal sponge market and the automotive industry, and attention to TDI and polyether has declined. On the other hand, the supply of Japan and South Korea is relatively loose in overseas markets, and the overall demand in Southeast Asia is slowly recovering less than expected. Towards the end of the year, traders were mainly actively selling goods, resulting in abundant spot on the market. As a result, the purchase demand of the owners was flat, the transaction was light, and the short-term domestic TDI market continued to slow down in the short-term market outlook.

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