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About CNC Machining
Source:www.muchid.com               Date:2021.11.15

CNC Machining: CNC, full name"Computerized Numerical Control", commonly known as "Numerical Control", is a technology that directly imports CAD data into the workbench. The entire CNC process is completed by a milling machine and a router, which is characterized by fast, precise and high quality.

Process cost: mold cost (low), single piece cost (low)
Typical products: vehicles, furniture, professional tools, etc.
Suitable output: single piece or large quantity
Quality: The surface quality is high, which is determined by the grinding and polishing process in the CNC
Speed: The single-piece forming speed is fast, which is determined by the size of the finished product and the number of CNC operation steps set

Applicable materials: Basically suitable for all materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and synthetic materials, etc.

Design considerations
1. The number of CNC axes determines the shape of the finished product. For example, a lathe can only perform 2-axis cutting (2 axes: x, y directions), while a milling machine can perform 5-axis molding (5 axes: x, y, and z directions plus 2 rotation axes)
2. CNC can directly import CAD data into the workbench, with strong material adaptability and low cost, so it is often used by designers to make prototypes, which is an indispensable part of the transition from design to production.
3. For simple or complex product shapes, CNC technology treats them equally as multiple serial points that can be connected for processing, providing unlimited design possibilities
4. The cost of CNC process is generally converted according to the unit time of finished product production

3-axis CNC: The tool head can move on the horizontal x, y axis and vertical z axis. The forming process can be completed by switching multiple tool heads, such as slot drills, taper drills, flute drills, ball milling cutters and so on.

5-axis CNC: The cutter head can move on the horizontal x, y, z axis and 2 rotation axes. The molding process can be completed by a single cutter head and multi-directional flexible cutting.

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