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Low temperature foaming agent ACP
Source:www.muchid.com               Date:2021.2.22

Due to the impact of the price increase of raw material H foaming agent,



The  low-temperature  foaming agent will rise by USD200 to USD300  per ton in the near future. The main parameters of low-temperature foaming agent are as follows:
Product Name: Low-temperature Foaming Agent 
Product Introduction: ACP-W foaming agent is used widely in the foaming of EVA, PE,PVC,natural rubber, synthetic rubbers, PVC+NBR blending and other materials. It is particularly suitable to the hot-pressing molding of EVA MD in large and small molds.
Characteristics: Foaming at low temperature            
High Whiteness of final products
Stable foaming ratio                   
Excellent elasticity of products
Item No.: ACP-W
Cas No: 123-77-3
Molecular Formula: C2H4N4O2
UN Number.: UN3242
Technical Index Main chemical component:    Azodicarbonamide
Appearance:  Light yellow powder
Decomposing Temperature  ℃ 132-138
Gas Volume ml/g (STP): 135-145
Gas Volume ml/g(in air) 160-180
Particle size (μm): 8~10
Ash:  ≤0.3%
Moisture:    ≤0.3%
Application ACP-W with low decomposing temperature, no activator is needed to activate its decomposition. Lessen the using of foaming activator will not only reduce the cost, but avoid mottles produced. It is best fit for the production of pure white products. It could also save a large number of pigments while using in the colored products, and make the product brighter and more vivid. The product will have fine bubble structure from using this foaming agent. The outstanding feature is that this foaming agent could produce whiter high quality EVA shoes material without affecting other physical performance of products.
Suggest to use ACP-W in lower mixed temperature and general sulfuration condition to avoid the uneven cellular, coarse cellular or other problems because of premature foamed. In most cases, foaming activator is active oxidant, which will affects the excellent elasticity of polymer chains for EVA and other material. This series foaming agent is favor for the tensile and tearing strength of products, especially benefits to the elongation of products.

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