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1. Comprehensive! Our system with detailed updates products information and real cost for each products. So you can check products cost and details yourself at first time!
2. Low Cost ! MUCHID cost is pure factory cost, without any intermediaries & trading profit. (MUCHID profit from Advertising Revenue, Factory Commission and Subsidy).
3.Easy ! MUCHID system with Shopping Cart for B2B service. Online Purchase Order&Proforma Invoice &Payment for Easy & Safe FAST ONE-STOP service.
4. Satisfied !  Each order From MUCHID followed by our professional engineer and factory service for you together!
5. Timely!  MUCHID system with online TIMELINE and Updates EVERY DAY.
6. Time saved!  Our system with online INSPECTION and update EVERY DAY.
7. Factory Open!  MUCHID share any factory information with you ONLY!
8.More compared!  MUCHID cover various industries so that you will have more choice.
9. Good Service!  MUCHID accept any OEM/ODM Service. Our professional designer and engineer and & Design R&D every day.
10. Professional Team!  MUCHID have Cost analysis department, Keep quality and reduce cost, save money for you every day.



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