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Prototype CNC for aluminum and plastic

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Keda Prototype Co.,Ltd
Place Of Origin:China
Whatsapp: +8613362028665
Sumdream Chu
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N/A Update: 2016-1-1
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CNC Machining Services
Muchid's CNC machining services can provide you with precision fabrication of any number of plastic and metal parts. We specialize in multi-axis milling, turning, EDM, surface grinding, laser engraving and more. Plus, thanks to our state-of-the-art testing and validation labs, you can rest assured that all raw materials will meet your exact specifications. That's one of the many reasons why we're the supplier of choice for world-class companies' most demanding CNC machining projects.

CNC machining - what is it and why do you need it?
CNC machining is a broad category of manufacturing that includes many different computer-controlled processes in which raw materials are selectively and precisely removed to produce parts in near-net shape. That's why it's considered subtractive manufacturing, not additive manufacturing or 3D printing. Standard CNC machining processes include milling, turning, surface grinding and electrical discharge machining (EDM), although there are other specialized applications. Whenever a machine is digitally controlled, there must always be a 3D CAD file of the part design that is used to program the motion of the machine.

CNC machining is used on many common metals such as aluminum, brass, mild and stainless steel, magnesium and titanium. It is also available in rigid or engineering grade plastic resins. We use it every day to make finished parts, as well as tools and molds for plastic injection molding and pressure die casting.

Thanks to the reliability and precision offered by modern tools controlled by sophisticated software, CNC machining is an ideal rapid prototyping and mass production solution for manufacturing complex end-use parts with very tight tolerances.

One of the great advantages of CNC machining is its versatility. It is highly flexible and can accommodate parts of many shapes and sizes, and since no holding tools are required, one part can be made as easy as a thousand. CNC machined parts are full of strength and have an excellent surface finish. You can choose to put them into use right away, or they can be further processed with additional treatments such as electroplating, polishing, anodizing, painting, etc.

Advantages of CNC Machining Services for Product Developers
MUCHID's CNC machining services offer many advantages in product development, making it an ideal solution for rapid prototyping and mass production. This is what you should consider.

1. Quickly remove large quantities of metal and engineering-grade plastic resins
2. Highly accurate and repeatable
3. Great for making complex geometries
4. Versatile
5. Suitable for a variety of different substrates
6. Scalable volumes from 1 to 100,000
7. Low mold investment and preparation cost
8. Fast turnaround
9. The parts are complete and can be put into use immediately
10. Excellent surface finish
11. Easy customization

CNC machining raw materials
We use a wide range of plastic and metal alloy materials, including magnesium, low carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, brass and titanium, and rigid engineering-grade plastic resins. These materials are part of our standard inventory and are immediately available from reliable suppliers that have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by us. In addition, we can supply special materials such as superalloys - just talk to our engineers and find out how we can meet your needs.

Most importantly, to ensure that your CNC machined parts meet all regulatory requirements, we have an incoming inspection laboratory where we use advanced analytical testing equipment to confirm the exact chemical and physical properties of all raw materials using Raman spectroscopy. For your peace of mind, we spare no effort.

CNC Turning Services

MUCHID’s CNC turning services employ imported, high-speed turning centers with live tooling and automatic bar feeders. Live tooling using imported cutters lets us perform some milling and cross drilling functions without needing multiple machine set-ups, saving time and money. We routinely turn brass, aluminum, mild and stainless steels as well as rigid plastic. Our CNC turning services create complex external geometries and internal bores with very tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. CNC turning is suitable for rapid prototypes, new product introduction and low-volume production.

CNC Milling Services

CNC milling services at MUCHID use imported, multi-axis machine tools controlled with advanced software. High-speed milling is ideal for creating prismatic shapes and complex geometries in a variety of brasses, mild and stainless steels, aluminum, titanium and rigid plastic. Advanced endmills and cutters, as well as European management expertise, provides you assurance that your parts will have tight tolerances with excellent surface finishes. And of course we have a complete range of in-house finishing services for even more product development solutions.

EDM / Wire EDM And Surface Grinding
Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is an essential manufacturing process used primarily on tool steels for plastic injection molding or pressure die casting. EDM uses a conductive graphite or copper electrode submerged in a dielectric bath of water or oil. When a high voltage current is applied to the electrode it sparks against the tool wall, etching away at the surface to produce deep holes, ribs, undercuts and surface textures that are difficult to machine conventionally. When done properly, EDM can produce excellent surface finishes with tight tolerances, virtually eliminating the need for secondary polishing.

Surface grinding is an automated machining process used to make extremely flat and smooth surfaces. In this method, the workpiece is held in a fixture and then reciprocated across the face of a precision grinding wheel.

CNC Machining Tolerances
Our general tolerances for CNC machining of metals is DIN-2768-1-fine and for plastics, DIN-2768-1-medium. Since tolerances and dimensions can be greatly affected by part geometry and type of material, we highly recommend consulting with our engineers before starting any project. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your parts meet and exceed your expectations.

Rapid Tooling Service
MUCHID is more than just a rapid prototyping service provider. We also make rapid hardened and semi-hardened tools and dies to support full production volumes for plastic injection molding and pressure die casting. Using P20, Nak80, S136 and H13 steels, we can offer you superior quality, excellent surface finishes and unmatched quality control measures to suit the most demanding projects.

Buyer Date Quantity Countries and Regions
M*** 2020-9-10 28PCS US
M*** 2020-8-28 1PCS US
M*** 2020-8-15 11PCS US
M*** 2020-6-12 32PCS US
M*** 2020-6-5 1470PCS US
B*** 2020-5-5 22050PCS AU
M*** 2020-4-30 7230PCS US
M*** 2020-4-25 164PCS US
M*** 2020-4-4 1076PCS US
M*** 2020-4-3 160PCS US
M*** 2020-3-24 335PCS US
M*** 2020-3-16 4390PCS US
M*** 2020-3-6 5771PCS US
M*** 2020-2-21 10898PCS US
M*** 2019-12-28 1011PCS US
M*** 2019-11-27 3625PCS US
M*** 2017-7-24 25PCS US
M*** 2017-7-24 25PCS US
M*** 2017-7-24 25PCS US
i*** 2017-7-8 100PCS US
i*** 2017-7-7 50PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 50PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
M*** 2017-6-6 25PCS US
D*** 2017-3-16 1PCS UK
M*** 2017-3-14 4PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 4PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 4PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 4PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 4PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 4PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 4PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
M*** 2017-3-14 2PCS US
B*** 2017-3-10 5PCS AU
M*** 2016-8-10 14PCS US
M*** 2016-8-3 4PCS US
M*** 2016-7-19 8PCS US
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Products Name: Prototype CNC for aluminum and plastic
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