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Product Name.: OEM service injection Production
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Quzhou Shengbang Mould Co., Ltd
Place Of Origin:Zhejiang
Whatsapp:+86 139 0163 8981
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Item No.: 668PE004
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Shanghai Update: 2016-1-1
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Buyer Date Quantity Countries and Regions
SNE*** 2020-8-24 1680SET AU
SNE*** 2020-7-15 840SET AU
BKM*** 2020-5-5 36510SET AU
SNE*** 2019-6-6 840SET AU
Sne*** 2017-12-24 840SET AU
Sne*** 2017-8-24 840SET AU
Sne*** 2017-7-24 10000SET AU
Sne*** 2017-4-6 840SET AU
IQ *** 2016-8-1 450PCS US
IQ *** 2016-8-1 320PCS US
Sne*** 2016-7-10 1680PCS AU
Sne*** 2016-7-10 10000PCS AU
ADM*** 2016-6-27 1000PCS AU
ADM*** 2016-6-27 1000PCS AU
Sne*** 2016-4-28 800PCS AU
Sne*** 2016-3-30 800PCS AU
Sne*** 2016-3-29 5000PCS AU
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