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Product Name.: PA66-GF25 FR Ultramid® BASF
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Brand.: Ultramid®
Item No.: A3X2G5 BK23187 Q724
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Catalogue Raw Material
Alias Nylon  Polyamide PA
Material PA66 GF25 FR
Brand Ultramid®
Package Type Bag
Item No. A3X2G5 BK23187 Q724
Products Size
Carton Size
G.W. 25.2KGS
Mail packing
Lead Time Usually 30 Days
The product is supplied extensively dry in moisture-proof packaging in the form of cylindrical or flat pellets. Its bulk density is about0,7g/cm . Standard packs are the special 25kg bag and the 1000kg bulk container (octagonal IBC= intermediate bulk container made fromcorrugated board with a liner bag). Subject to agreement other forms of packaging and shipment in tankers by road or rail are also possible.All containers are tightly sealed and should be opened only immediately prior to processing. To ensure that the material delivered cannotabsorb moisture from the air the containers must be stored in dry rooms and always carefully sealed again after portions of material havebeen withdrawn. The product can be kept indefinitely in the undamaged bags. Experience has shown that product supplied in IBCs can bestored for about 3 months without any adverse effects on processing properties due to moisture absorption. Containers stored in cold roomsshould be allowed to equilibrate to normal temperature so that no condensation forms on the pellets

Buyer Date Quantity Countries and Regions
Jun*** 2021-10-22 19000KGS DE
VDL*** 2021-7-30 5000KGS NL
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PA66-GF25 FR Ultramid® BASF
A3X2G5 BK23187 Q724


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