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How to choose a children's highchair for children?

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When the baby is half a year old, it is time to eat some solid food, so the baby becomes a new member of the family table.

The baby highchair can not only reduce the difficulty of feeding mothers and the difficulty of cleaning after meals, but also help the baby to distinguish the concept of play and dining, and gradually cultivate the good habit of eating independently. The independent table board can effectively separate the children from the table. The cups and bowls of the meals are separated to prevent the children from having multiple hands and scalding.

But there are various baby highchairs on the market. The materials are plastic + metal, and there are solid wood; the shapes are foldable and non-folding; the price is low, there are dozens of pieces, and the price is high. Thousands of pieces... So in the end What price is the best value for money? What type of baby is best for your family? This is also a big problem.

Baby highchairs also allow children to integrate into the home environment more quickly.

Eating is a communication activity between family members. The high view of the dining chair allows children to enter the perspective of adults, eat and communicate with their parents at the same table, rather than being alone at a very low level, where parents eat their own food. Babies eat their own, so the concept of family is not good since childhood.

From 6 months to 1 year old, the baby will sit and stand, which is the best time to cultivate him to eat at the same table with his parents and elders on the highchair. , because on the one hand, the baby's physical needs were reduced, and on the other hand, his interests became more and more extensive, and most of his interests were no longer focused on eating, so everyone should not miss this opportunity.

The most important thing is to cultivate good habits in children.

A baby is like a blank piece of paper, how you nurture him, what kind of habits he will develop. Using baby highchairs since childhood, educate children to know that they want to eat when they sit on the highchair, and they should finish eating on the baby highchair when they get the meal, and then they can leave the highchair to play after they finish eating.

Maybe you think that the highchair will not be bought for a few years. The result of saving this small amount of money is that you are about to enter the kindergarten. Standing or sitting, sitting, eating, or eating, when you go out to eat, the child can't be honest in the chair. Sitting up for a while is a very bad habit, and it is more troublesome to correct later.

Recommendations for purchasing Highchairs:

Common types of baby highchairs on the market

· According to the material, there are: plastic and wood;

· According to the structure, there are: detachable and integrated;

· According to the volume, there are two types: home use and portable.

Suggestions for structure:

Since the detachable highchair can be disassembled into a table and a chair, it can cover more ages of the baby, but the comfort and safety are not good, so it is not particularly recommended.

Although the integrated highchair cannot be disassembled, it is more comfortable and has more comprehensive functions. From the perspective of comfort and safety, the integrated one is better.

Suggestions for materials:

The baby's highchair often needs to be moved, so the too bulky wooden highchair is inconvenient to store and carry at home, and the wood products are prone to burrs, and if they are inferior wood products, the baby will be at risk of eating. , it may even be injured, but high-quality wooden products are not cheap, so the cost-effectiveness of wooden dining chairs is relatively low.

Advice on volume:

Generally speaking, it is best to choose the one with larger size for home use, the depth of the seat is suitable for the baby to use, and the baby can have room to move when sitting on it. These are all very important. .

Advice on safety:

Generally speaking, the current baby highchairs rarely fall back and forth.

pay attention! If there are wheels, the wheels should be lockable, and before using it for the baby, be sure to see if there are places where the baby's hands may be caught, such as: plate lids, etc...

Baby highchair recommendation

Baby Multifunctional Adjustable Baby Kids feed High Chair

1. Eco-friendly plate: Using BPA free PP material, High temperature resistance up to 120° , easy to clean.

2.  Safe & Stable: The sturdy trapezoidal iron pipe bracket prevent chair from rolling over. Five-point safety belt can prevent baby from sliding off the chair.

3.  Easy cleaning: PU coat, soft, no odor, oil dirt easy to clean. 

4. 2 in 1: The high chair can be adjusted into a low stool, meeting different needs.

5. Easy to assemble: You can easily assemble this highchair in a short time.

2022  Wholesale Approved Restaurant Baby High Chair For babies


1. SAFE & COMFORT - Constructed by the safe material of PP and PE, this high chair is extraordinarily durable and stable for your baby sit on for eating, playing, etc. Filled by soft sponge which offers your baby a comfortable seat on matter how long they sit.

2. 3-IN-1 DESIGN - 1. high chair; 2. booster chair; 3. table and chair set. Baby high chair can be easily converted to individual play table and chair to accompany your baby from infant to preschool. You only need to pay for one and get 3 useful furniture for your baby.

3. THREE POSITION TRAY - You can adjust the position of tray according to your baby's requirement. There are 3 positions available. No longer worry that it will be too small to sit when your baby is growing. The top tray with socket is dishwasher-safe and removable, which is convenient for drinks or snacks.

4. 5-POINT SAFETY BELT & ADJUSTABLE SEAT BACK - Keep baby safe and comfortable with 5-point safety restraint system. 3 position reclining and adjustable seat is well designed to give you baby a proper seat.

5. EASY TO KEEP CLEAN - Wipes clean with damp cloth and mild soap.


Modern Wood Convertible High Chair Toddlers 3 in 1

1. High-Quality Materials & Ideal Size - Made of smooth beech wood, high-quality PVC and BPA-free PP.

2. Two-in-One Design - The 2-in-1 convertible high chair is perfect for small apartments and saves house space. The table legs are detachable to form a high and low dining chair; two adjustable pedals; suitable for children between 6 months and 3 years old; through the multi-functional frame, it can be used as a dining chair, a game chair, feeding chairs, and even toddler chairs (remove the tray).

3. 5-Point Seat Belt Design - Give your child the best protection. The five-point safety belt system secures the child through the waist belt, which passes through the squat restraint to enhance safety.

4. Easy to Clean - The BPA-free double tray of the baby high chair is removable and can be moved to the dishwasher for cleaning. The double tray includes a cup holder to prevent liquid overflow. The removable ABS top tray covers the entire surface to prevent food from being caught between the two layers for additional cleaning. The tray can also be adjusted in two positions to fit the child.

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