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Should I use a baby playpen fence?

Linkedin Twitter Facebook pinterest               Date:2022.7.19

Should I use a baby playpen fence? Minimalism can help add a much-needed sense of control, elegance, and style at home, especially for new parents, but there are some things you just can't get rid of. If you've been looking for ways to help minimize the amount of baby gear you need without feeling like your child is missing out on said gear, this article is for you. Thinking back to the months before your child was born, you probably sat down with a long list of everything you thought they would need in their first year of life. In your inventory, there's likely to be a baby playpen, a piece of gear that you don't necessarily think much about but add to the list anyway. In this article, we want to help dispel the recent notion that just having a playpen is a bad thing in itself.

Is it bad for kids?

If you search online, you'll find various websites and forum conversations that point to "studies" proving that placing babies in playpens can cause developmental delays and negatively impact learning patterns, but none of these allusions point to any real or trusted source. In fact, according to Alison Gopnik, a UC Berkeley psychology professor and author of Philosophical Babes, there has been no conclusive systematic study of the effects of these claims. I strongly believe that this confusion stems from the fact that it is very important for babies to move and explore their environment throughout the day to help them learn and thrive. While this assertion is undoubtedly true, it is not meant to criticize or disapprove of the use of baby playpens.

strike a balance

Like many other things in life, it's important not to misuse or overuse the resources we get. While there is nothing particularly wrong with owning or using a fence, confining your child to a fenced space for extended periods of time is certainly not healthy or okay. Doing so inhibits the child's basic exploration and experimentation time with the surrounding environment. That being said, we wanted to know a few ways a baby playpen can be used properly and work for you and your family.

The benefits of a playpen include:

A baby playpen provides you with a safe area for your children to enter when you need to perform tasks such as going to the bathroom, cooking, or answering unexpected but important calls.

Many baby playpens on the market today are so-called "multipurpose". That means they basically transform into other useful baby items, including baby gates or changing tables, and most can be easily folded or broken down flat for travel. (If you are looking for ways to reduce and reduce the number of items, then looking for multipurpose gear is definitely your best option)

A fence provides your child with a safe area of his or her own, ideal for independent play.

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