Baby Playpen Play yard
Baby Playpen Play yard
Baby Playpen Play yard  MH202
SOLD: 12101PCS
Saftey Baby Playpen baby play yard fency
Saftey Baby Playpen baby play yard fency
Saftey Baby Playpen baby play yard fency  MH21-12+2
SOLD: 11380PCS
Folding Baby fabric Play pen Portable Playard
Folding Baby fabric Play pen Portable Playard
Folding Baby fabric Play pen Portable Playard  MH152
Non-toxic Playpen Baby Yard Manufacturer In China
Non-toxic Playpen Baby Yard Manufacturer In China
Non-toxic Playpen Baby Yard Manufacturer In China  MH215
Baby Play Yard
Baby Play Yard
Baby Play Yard  MH204
Best Indoor Playpen For Babies
Best Indoor Playpen For Babies
Best Indoor Playpen For Babies  MH205


Which baby playpen to buy? 6 Safety Playpen for babies.

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Which baby playpen to buy? 6 Safety Playpen for babies.

When many mothers take care of their little babies, they will find that when the child learns to crawl, his safety will become the mother's greatest worry. If you are not careful, you will encounter dangerous electrical appliances, and sharp objects such as table corners, and cause damage to them. Many mothers will choose baby playpens to solve this problem. In addition to being safe, it also frees up your hands. If you can't take care of the baby in time, you will not worry about his injury, and you will also get a certain amount of time for yourself.

But have you always had a question in your mind: Do I really need a playpen? What are the pros and cons of playpens? Click here to solve your question.


 Wooden safety playpen: Wooden baby Safety Play Center

 Metal safety playpen:  Baby Safety Gate Playpen

 Plastic safety playpen: Black Gray Playpen Space

 Mesh safety playpen: Folding Mesh Baby Playard

 Fabric safety playpenBaby Game Playpen

 PU Leather safety Playpen: Baby Soft Playmat Baby Playpen

The most important safety issue! ! !

When parents choose a fence for their baby, the first thing to pay attention to is safety.

Pay special attention to these points:


️ Check whether the fence has been certified by professional organizations such as JPMA and ATSM.

Products certified by JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) and ATSM (American Society for Testing and Materials) indicate that the fence is in line with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard, and parents will be more assured in terms of safety playpen.


️ The height of the safety playpen should preferably be higher than 24 inches (62 cm), if it is too low, the baby may "break out" and climb out of the playpen.

️ If it is a playpen with wooden vertical bars, the width of the internal gap of each vertical bar should preferably not exceed 2-3/8 inches (5.08 cm). To prevent the baby's head from getting stuck.

️ If it is a mesh playpen, the mesh diameter should preferably be no larger than 1/4 inch (0.6 cm). That is, the denser and smaller the mesh, the better to prevent the baby's fingers or small buttons on the clothes from being caught.

️ The edge of the playpen is best to choose a smoother one, do not have sharp corners, otherwise the baby may be bumped and injured.

️ The bottom of the playpen should preferably have anti-slip strips or a design with a separate support corner reinforcement (such as the picture below), and the connection of the two playpens should also be close and not easy to spread, otherwise the fence If it falls apart or falls down, it will be bad if it hits the baby.


️ Some safety playpen will have a safety lock switch door design, and the safety lock switch should preferably be out of the reach of the baby. In fact, most safety locks are generally designed near the top of the safety playpen or on the outside, so that the baby generally cannot reach it.


Wooden baby Safety Playpen Play Center Indoor Playground With Gate

Solid wood safety playpen can give your baby a healthy space. The use of silicone anti-skid stickers has friction with the ground, and the safety playpen is not easy to push, which is safer for the baby. Choose high-quality logs with good toughness, durability, and no paint peeling, even if the baby bites the safety playpen, it is very safe. No edges, no burrs, no balloons.
60cm scientific height to achieve safe fence height.

Baby Safety Gate Baby Playpen

Made of thick metal for strength and durability. And suitable for installation in doorway, corridor, kitchen, bottom of stairs and easy to install.

Black Gray Safety Playpen Space

This high-quality 14-panel baby playground with swinging hinged doors creates a safe play area for your kids both indoors and out.  Safety playpen features a variety of games to keep the baby entertained and engaged Have fun in the playpen. The Safe Zone Gaming Pen is yours today! Independently tested by GIG to meet Toy Safety Standards, ASTM F 963-17, US CPSIA, and CPSC Children's Standards. Non-toxic and free of phthalates, BPA, lead, latex, and formaldehyde. Your child can touch the playpen without irritating the skin. The most important thing is to be very sturdy.

Folding Baby Safety Playpen Portable Playard

Using alloy steel pipe material, multi-angle stable conjoined reinforcement principle design, very stable. With careful safety design: Oxford cloth wraps the inner corners, anti-collision, fence handrail interface, and wrapping edges. The zipper is placed on the outside to prevent the baby from unzipping the zipper. The honeycomb breathable mesh is very breathable, and the strong anti-stretch gauze prevents the baby's hands and feet from getting stuck. The fabric is also durable and not easy to break.

Baby Game Playpen

Super cute crib, comfortable and dedicated space for your baby to rest. Self-folding feet and wheels allow for a compact fold for easy storage and transport. The used frame makes this portable Playard perfect for travel.

Baby Soft Playmat Baby Safety Playpen Play Mat

The safety playpen made of PU leather has excellent shock absorption and provides a good protection for the baby from injury. Also easy to clean and lightweight.

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