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       DQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. officially joined the maternal and infant market in 2008. Since its establishment, DQ has insisted on introducing and cultivating outstanding technical and management talents, and has introduced advanced production and processing equipment and manufacturing from Germany and Japan. At the end of 2016, built a domestic dust-free workshop and a modern production and processing base in Cixi, Ningbo. In terms of product research and development and technological innovation, the company has in-depth cooperation with well-known mother and baby design institutions at home and abroad, and has continuously launched nursing products suitable for babies. After the unremitting efforts of all staff, it has now become one of the main manufacturers of domestic maternal and child products industry. In 2016, it established strategic cooperative relations with internationally renowned Italian companies. In the choice of partners, the company has always insisted on cooperating with industry-leading companies, and in-depth cooperation with Eastman Corporation of the United States to introduce Tritan material with excellent physical and chemical properties into the field of maternal and infant products. Drug Administration (FDA) certified. DQ mother and baby advocate "healthy parenting", providing mothers with interesting and safe parenting aids, making the tedious parenting process simple and happy.
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