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Low Temp Blowing Agent
Low Temp Blowing Agent
MOQ: 1000Kgs
SOLD: 625800Kgs
AC Blowing Agent
AC Blowing Agent
Azodicarbonamide Classification
Products Name Ingredients CAS No. Item NO. Molecular formula
H Blowing Agent 3,7-dinitroso-1,3,5,7-tetraazobicyclo-nonane 101-25-7 H Blowing Agent C5H10N6O2
High Temperature Blowing Agent Azodicarbonamide 123-77-3 AC-1000,AC-3000,AC-5000,AC-7000 C2H4N4O2
Low Temperature Foaming Agent 3,7-dinitroso-1,3,5,7-tetraazobicyclo-nonane 101-25-7 ACP-J,ACP-H -
OBSH Foaming Agent 4,4'-oxydibenzenesulfonyl hydrazide 80-51-3 OBSH C12H14N4O5S2

High Temperature ADC Blowing Agent

CAS No.:123-77-3 Hs Code:292710

Item No.:AC1000,AC3000,AC5000,AC7000

Particle size:3~12um UN No.:3242
Decomposition temp.:205°C Gas evolution (STP):225ml/g
PH:6.5~7.5 EC No.:204-650-8
Appearance: Yellow Powder

Low Temperature Foaming Agent

CAS No.:123-77-3 Hs Code:292710


H Blowing Agent
Particle size:8~10um UN No.:3242
Decomposition temp.:135°C Gas evolution (STP):160ml/g
PH:8~8.5 EC No.:204-650-8
Appearance: Light yellow Powder
ADC Blowing Agent
Low Temperature Foaming Agent

The decomposing temperature for high- temperature foaming agent is over 200℃, the gas volume reaches 200ml/g(under the standar temperature and pressure,called STP). Decomposition gases mainly including N2 and CO2 accompanied with a small amount of CO and NH3.
The decomposing temperature can be adjustable within 150~200℃ after adding an adequate amount of decomposing activator(foam-promoting agent),common activators including Zinc,Barium oxides and salts of Zinc and Barium,stearates and stearate salts.
This series of foaming agents is characterized by uniform granular size,stable foaming performance and excellent dispersibility,which makes it especially suitable for products making under different technological conditions.
Azodicarbonamide,AC blowing agent,ADC is high temperature chemical foaming agent. Widly used on plastic and rubber foam,suchas the PE (IXPE), PS, EVA, PVC, and NBR, SBR, and rubber mixture is especially suitable for PVC coating.


ACP bowing agent with low decomposing temperature, no activator is needed to activate its decomposition. Lessen the using of foaming activator will not only reduce the cost, but avoid mottles produced. It is best fit for the production of pure white products. It could also save a large number of pigments while using in the colored products, and make the product brighter and more vivid. The product will have fine bubble structure from using this foaming agent. The outstanding feature is that this foaming agent could produce whiter high quality EVA shoes material without affecting other physical performance of products.
Suggest to use ACP-W in lower mixed temperature and general sulfuration condition to avoid the uneven cellular, coarse cellular or other problems because of premature foamed. In most cases, foaming activator is active oxidant, which will affects the excellent elasticity of polymer chains for EVA and other material. This series foaming agent is favor for the tensile and tearing strength of products, especially benefits to the elongation of products..

TDI equipment
Tolylene Diisocyanate TDI Products Shown Room
View:Low Temp Blowing Agent
Low Temp Blowing Agent
Cas No.:123-77-3
25Kgs/Carton Box
FOB US$3.25
View:AC Blowing Agent
AC Blowing Agent
Cas No.:123-77-3
FOB US$2.35
Recently Transaction   News
    Buyer Date Products Quantity Regions
    Sha*** 2023-4-7 Low Temp Blo 10000Kgs SA
    MAT*** 2023-3-17 Low Temp Blo 29400Kgs NG
    Sha*** 2023-2-27 Low Temp Blo 24000Kgs SA
    MAT*** 2022-12-28 Low Temp Blo 29400Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2022-9-14 Low Temp Blo 29400Kgs NG
    Xor*** 2022-3-21 Azodicarbona 1Kgs UZ
    Sha*** 2022-3-7 Low Temp Blo 12000Kgs CN
    MAT*** 2022-3-1 Low Temp Blo 58800Kgs NG
    PT *** 2021-12-10 AC Blowing a 16500KGS ID
    PT *** 2021-8-10 AC Blowing a 14000KGS ID
    PT *** 2021-3-18 AC Blowing a 25000KGS ID
    MAT*** 2020-9-12 Low Temp Blo 100000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2020-8-26 Low Temp Blo 100000 NG
    POL*** 2020-7-12 AC Blowing a 3000Kgs VN
    MAT*** 2020-6-2 Azodicarbona 20000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2020-6-1 Low Temp Blo 80000Kgs NG
    PT *** 2020-2-21 AC Blowing a 20000Kgs ID
    MAT*** 2020-2-21 Low Temp Blo 60000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2019-12-25 Low Temp Blo 40000Kgs NG
    POL*** 2019-8-30 AC Blowing a 2000Kgs VN
    PT *** 2019-7-11 AC Blowing a 20000Kgs ID
    MAT*** 2019-7-10 Low Temp Blo 40000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2019-2-21 Low Temp Blo 40000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2018-11-13 Low Temp Blo 40000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2018-8-16 Low Temp Blo 20000Kgs NG
    Par*** 2018-7-29 Azodicarbona 1000Kgs IR
    EXC*** 2018-7-4 AC Blowing A 14000Kgs IN
    MAT*** 2018-5-24 Low Temp Blo 3000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2018-4-25 Low Temp Blo 20000Kgs NG
    MAT*** 2018-3-20 Low Temp Blo 20000Kgs NG
    THE*** 2018-3-1 AC Blowing A 13850Kgs IN
    POL*** 2017-12-25 AC Blowing a 2000Kgs VN
    POL*** 2017-11-19 AC Blowing a 2000Kgs VN
    Kib*** 2017-11-19 Azodicarbona 8950Kgs US
    Kib*** 2017-11-19 AC Blowing a 9300Kgs US
    PT *** 2017-7-28 AC Blowing a 20000Kgs ID
    PAT*** 2017-6-28 AC Blowing a 2000Kgs SG
    MAT*** 2017-6-22 Low Temp Blo 20000Kgs NG
    Int*** 2017-5-12 AC Blowing A 3Kgs US
    POL*** 2017-4-27 AC Blowing a 1000Kgs VN
    PT *** 2017-4-18 AC Blowing a 20000Kgs ID
    MAT*** 2017-1-5 16000Kgs NG
    PT *** 2017-1-3 20000Kgs ID
    POL*** 2016-11-3 1000Kgs VN
    PT *** 2016-9-26 20000Kgs ID
    POL*** 2016-7-6 1000Kgs VN
    PT *** 2016-6-6 20000KGS ID
    PT *** 2016-3-17 20000KGS ID
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